About us

The Azalaï Foundation intervenes in all areas to improve the lives of local populations, through financial, material or logistical support provided for sponsorship actions and more generally, in any initiative that falls within the scope of its purpose. and which is non-profit or whose profit will be donated to the people.


When the Azalaï Foundation was created in 2015, we had the idea of ​​creating a better Africa and why not a better world; something we strive to make possible. The birth of this organization being the result of an observation made in Africa regarding the lack of primary resources in the field of education and the flourishing rate of poverty, we wanted to contribute our stone to the building by involving ourselves more in the education of our children and the young girl, who represent the generation of tomorrow as well as the fight against poverty. Also through the nature of development aid as well as the social and societal dimension of the Foundation, we intend to provide more in order to improve the quality of life of populations in Africa. Our fight revolves around these 4 essential points which are social integration, environmental protection, humanitarian aid and entrepreneurship. Very committed to supporting projects that meet our vision, we have opened a window of support for young entrepreneurs, communities, then structures in need by providing them with financial support or by equipping them with useful materials for the realization of their project. Mossadeck Bally, President of the Foundation

The Azalaï Foundation has set itself the mission of participating in improving the quality of life of populations through actions related to its purpose.

The Azalaï Foundation, a subsidiary of the Azalaï Hôtels group, is now part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This action is reflected at the operational level by the implementation of strategies to support economic and social development in Africa, professional training in the hotel sector and support for communities, as well as social actions for young people. and women.

Our engagements

  • Contribute to human development in a “healthy and safe” local environment
  • Contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of the poorest.
  • Contribute to the development of sustainable ecotourism
  • Participate in the prevention and management of conflicts.
  • Participate in the eradication of Malaria.
  • Participate in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and STDs
  • Help people with serious illnesses (diabetes, sickle cell disease, etc.) and those around them.
  • Support entrepreneurship, education, training and promotion of women etc.

The 4 priorities at the heart of our actions

lnsertion social

Diversity, health and solidarity, help for people in great difficulty, fight against illiteracy, access to culture,

Humanitarian aid

Support for populations in difficulty, solidarity.


Support for young entrepreneurs.

Environmental Protection

awareness-raising actions, safeguarding
of heritage, protection of biodiversity

Notwithstanding its 4 priorities, other actions may be supported if they fall within the scope of the Azalaï Foundation’s purpose and if they are included in the annual program of the Azalaï Foundation.